This can be used to make money Knowledge of beverage bottle caps

another sleepless night, or oldself! Chat with a few friends chatted in the middle of the night, this feeling is not on, and found the left after the new discovery, is very happy. This is also OK, just a few friends in speech communication once, did not expect to open a web page, see what are not the same! (not zouhuorumo it), since the time in search of what he needs, found a unique idea, at least for now is to search online. Hey! This idea to find two friends to explore, if feasible, this operation is set.

I also found that I really can talk, as long as meet like-minded friends, or friends chat together (commonly known as resonance) you can talk, day and night, why not sleepy, admire his spirit. With the discussion about it is eye-opening, did not think it can do this, so that the. This is the communication can be brought, and in the bitter, bitter harvest and can not understand. The brain is very active!! to share with you a day yesterday a group to share ideas, and this idea has been some people operate very skilled, have profit appeared very cow X, and a train of thought is very small, but there are a lot of people don’t bother to do this. Let’s share it with you!

beverage bottle caps!

said the beverage bottle and the network use is not earn, think what? Is it not a cry awakened one? Oh, no, I will continue to write; some words, is not the feeling about how I hadn’t thought of that? Hey! As the saying goes: only I do not. Now drinks are combined with the network, with the promotion, marketing. When it comes to drink, do not say first bottle, I think you already know! Is to buy a drink can be combined with a game of mutual promotion, marketing, and promotional details; I did not say, you do not know, buy a bottle of drink, from the inside to the outside observation, can always see something. The share of the beverage bottle! Because there are people with marketing opportunities in the beverage and the network game! What opportunities? Attention can go to Taobao search, beverage bottle, game cards, props such as. Clear? I don’t play games on these cards, props are not familiar with, so only provide ideas for everyone; looking for acquisitions or drink bottle (if the event is in the bottle, do not need to cover, relative, hoping to understand), usually an online game and a drink together (we can think of marketing activity, but business perspective is a kind of Marketing), you buy a bottle of drink, you can use the beverage on organized activities, free exchange some games need things, such as cards, props, etc.. But those who are willing to concentrate on the collection of these drinks bottle cap, and then converted into what the game needs to sell players. (some do this is not collected by the beverage bottle, then go home to buy FCL, then eat when the meal, when the bath water, to a bottle! Haha, a joke, we want.