1 shop member information leakage information security risks into electricity supplier


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– Nanfang Daily reporter Tian Zhiming

with the electricity supplier double 11 promotion war coming, electricity supplier network information security issues once again become a hot topic of consumer concern. The day before, the field of electronic commerce also spate of information security incidents, the online consumer disputes. How to strengthen the supervision of network information security has become an urgent problem to be solved.

day before the famous give 1 shop out of personal user information was leaked, Jingdong mall also appeared in a large number of "malicious order", or controversial among consumers. Many experts have pointed out in an interview with this reporter, for personal information security and network information security incidents, the supervision level corresponding laws and regulations are lack, low cost of infringement of consumer rights, the cost is too high. Therefore, as soon as possible to improve the relevant laws and regulations, establish and improve the electricity supplier consumption order, in order to further promote the development of electricity business.


1 shop 11 employees leaked user information by the police control

days ago, the Shanghai public security department informed of the latest achievements, to combat cyber crime special action of the famous online shopping company "shop No. 1" bad employees suspected of collusion with the external customer information leaked 700 thousand news triggered a huge unease among consumers.

according to Shanghai City Public Security Bureau of Pudong news, after a pre Paimo investigation, has seized "shop No. 1 online mall employees and external personnel turnover, collusion, causing part of the customer information disclosure case. Up to now, 11 people have been controlled by the public security department.

in fact, as early as six months ago, there are micro-blog users IT off to the media, said the material, there are sellers selling 1 shop in 700 thousand user information, priced at $500. At that time, shop No. 1 strongly denied disclosure of user information. However, with the announcement of the Pudong Police News, 1 store user information was leaked facts surfaced.

for the 700 thousand user information was leaked, 1 days before Liu Tong, vice president of the 1st Shop responded that half a year ago, shop No. 1 in daily work found in the investigation, some customers order information (i.e. the customer’s receipt of information disclosure) there may be human reason, shop No. 1, attaches great importance to take the initiative to the police in Shanghai the report, and actively cooperate with the police investigation, forensics. Affected customers, shop No. 1 on the order of information security issues are properly handled. 1 shop will continue to actively cooperate with the Shanghai police case investigation, and pay close attention to the results of the police investigation. Based on the independence and confidentiality of the police investigation, the company does not disclose more detailed information. With the progress of the case investigation, shop No. 1 will cooperate with the police in a timely manner to the public and the media to publish relevant information.

Liu Tong said: as a business, we are very sorry to see the incident occurred. This has been part of the consumer

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