Comparative analysis of the two development models of online travel platform

According to iResearch

will be released in the first quarter of 2010 China online travel booking market data, 2010Q1 China online travel booking market revenue reached 1 billion 190 million yuan, Ctrip still maintained a monopoly, the market share of 55.6%.

this article will be based on the travel network and Ctrip online booking travel products development, comparative analysis.

Business scope:

1 vs Comparison of tourism resort ticket + Hotel + Travel + holiday travel

is currently a large number of online travel booking company, are related to air tickets and hotel reservations, and these two businesses occupy a large proportion of its revenue. For example, the total revenue of Ctrip first quarter of 2010 was 627 million yuan, which comes from the hotel business revenue was 252 million yuan, accounting for 41.19%, ticket booking business revenue of 265 million yuan, accounting for 42.26% of the company, the tourism business revenue of 26 million yuan, accounting for 4.15%. Ctrip revenue from the hotel and ticket booking business accounted for 83.35% of total revenue. Double pressure and development of the two business channels and competition by the online agents air tickets and hotel Commission downward pressure increase; in addition, business homogenization phenomenon is serious, the future of the industry competition will become more intense.

online booking hotel and ticket business, has now become a red sea market, homogenization of competition is very intense. In addition to Ctrip, eLong and mango network participation. Moreover, many channels have also launched online direct sales business. China’s Online Travel Corporation will look for new revenue growth points, tourism holiday products business will become a new online travel booking market growth point. Therefore, the letter tour network does not involve these two business is also easy to understand. Letter tour network to avoid the Red Sea, expand the blue ocean". Diversification needs to be based on the actual situation of the enterprise to develop, and its more than not specifically, as always". In this case, the letter can be a competitive network and the industry has become a certain scale enterprises.

2 tourism and holiday products operating mode comparison: Join vs camp

Ctrip currently operates tourist resort products, are all over the country travel agencies directly. Booking travel products in the Ctrip online, you can clearly see the offer of Ctrip Travel Contract, and see the registration of travel agencies, such as the Shanghai Ctrip International Travel Service Co. Ltd., Beijing Ctrip International Travel Service Co. Ltd. etc..

travel network focused on becoming China’s most dynamic online travel platform. The platform includes consumers, shop owners and travel suppliers and travel network, referred to as the four in one". The letter travel network to provide consumers with simple and safe online booking travel one-stop service platform for shop owners to provide a wholesale sales Tourist Bus Line platform provides Tourist Bus Line for Tourist Bus Line supplier provides a display platform.

so, the development of tourism products tourism model

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