PEAK electricity supplier does not go low price strategy to achieve profitability goals

recently, PEAK electricity supplier pricing strategy has been exposed, the online pricing to 10% higher than the line pricing. Wang Jianyuan, director of e-commerce at the first session of the conference on cross-border cooperation, said in 2013, PEAK e-commerce major assessment indicators for net profit. And hope that through 2013 to strive to net profit increased to about 8%.

, that is to say, PEAK’s involved in electronic commerce is not to hold the mentality to burn enclosure, but directly towards profitability. Wang Jianyuan also said that the beginning of the PEAK electricity supplier in the pursuit of profit, loss of things never do.

is known to all, the rapid expansion of e-commerce has seriously affected the development of traditional retail industry. Especially for the traditional garment industry is even more so, and according to PEAK sports 2012 results announcement shows that in 2012 turnover of 2 billion 903 million yuan, down by 37.5%. Its gross profit margin dropped from 39.4% to $36.5%. 2012 net profit of 310 million yuan, down by 60.1%, and PEAK’s acquisition of other outlets also reduced by the original 1323 of the 6483.

obviously, PEAK’s Day is not so good. At present, PEAK can think of ways to solve these problems through the creation of electricity supplier channels. So, PEAK do electricity supplier and where to start it?

PEAK electricity supplier no price advantage

in the above we have also mentioned that PEAK’s e-commerce pricing strategy is higher than the line under the line price of 10%, whether it is new or inventory, are the standard. This is clearly under the protection of the interests of dealers, but then lost the price advantage.

e-commerce is a great aspect of price advantage, which is a major factor in the rapid development of e-commerce in china. Including many electricity supplier bigwigs, including price war has been the main means of expansion.

however, since last year’s price war, many of the electricity supplier companies that will no longer highlight the price in 2013, but hopes to provide more value to retain users. Perhaps this is also a major reason for PEAK to get involved in e-commerce and not to choose the price advantage.

what are the advantages of PEAK electricity supplier


e-commerce in not in the price, then in addition to price PEAK what are the advantages compared with other electricity providers? Song Congming thought are the following: logistics advantages, user experience advantage.

logistics distribution advantage:

for PEAK, almost every city has its own store. Moreover, as long as the user orders above the site, the local store will be able to arrange for immediate delivery. This greatly accelerated the speed of logistics and distribution, compared with other electricity providers, PEAK e-commerce platform in this area has a unique advantage, you can do the same day

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