Home appliance chain double 11 high profile counterattack electricity supplier Gome Suning started a

is now the "double 11" for "easy" young people, has become an important node of online consumption, but it is not the exclusive game business. Online business amid fierce infighting, Suning and Gome with double advantage high-profile started strikes back, and the next line store either super or shopping center, also changed the strategy before or sit on the sidelines side shouting, "after all, the best defense is to attack and counter attack" have Xianshengduoren "double 11". In order to boost consumption line.

appliances melee electricity supplier competing to snatch the cake

from the day to the shopping festival, the self-made electricity supplier folk version of "holiday", due to the explosive growth of online shopping market confirms the miracle, it is becoming hot.

with remnants of Alibaba listed, the limelight is very fresh Tmall platform is still in high and vigorous spirits. It is reported that there is a willingness to participate in the double 11 war business up to 2.7, for the most exciting year of the year, of which about more than and 200 international business FireWire war, thus revealing the global norm". Unlike in previous years "NiuDao", the vast majority of household electrical appliance enterprises have set up shop in Tmall.

relevant information shows that since the beginning of the 15 month of this year, double the pre-sale since the first round of the first round of Tmall electric appliance sales reached more than 6 units in taiwan.

another electricity supplier Jingdong will immediately launch a big promotion campaign, all claiming to cooperate with home appliance brand will be involved, or price is lower than 11, November 11th will also put a lot of rivals and the pre-sale price of equivalent appliances explosive materials. In the meantime, the mobile client will also launch the "cut and cut", "puzzle lead Beijing beans" and "jump jump" and other interesting activities.

, like dangdang.com also have announced the "double 11" promotion strategy, to have focused on the main direction.

Suning Gome high-profile start fighting back

for this move in a flagrant way "nibble" pure electric appliance share, in the field of home appliances has been invincible, Suning and Gome both started the "counterattack", and "fire Qi", a time to let the market filled with gunpowder children.

Su Ning told reporters from Dongguan, this year’s "double 11" will be based on the double channels, focus on highlighting "genuine super province, the theme of break 50 percent off", the first Denver small household appliance market, a joint brand launched more than 100 super explosion models. The same period will be on the line of intelligent electric cooker and microwave oven 30 to a "life+" customized "star models, thus the backhand attack" the traditional strengths of pure electricity supplier. Instead of electrical goods, suning.com will also have open challenge, automotive supplies grain and oil nuts Festival, maternal beauty, super big promotion, started early to "double 11" war.

Dongguan, the United States has revealed that it will be no pricing sales mode subversion online and offline cheap. From now until November 12th, consumers only by other businesses advertising offer in the chain stores of any buy appliances, which can at least drop 11 yuan, in order to regain pricing power. >

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