nvest 30 thousand to do e commerce to earn ten million

we are living in a society with advanced technology, electronic commerce is gradually moving closer to us, and it brings us great convenience and opportunity. Who do not want to add color to their lives, who do not want to have a good life. As humans need a more easy way to make money, e-commerce is often all over the world.

today, inadvertently, let me find a piece of news on the Internet, the main content of this news is about a beauty after graduating from junior high school, in order to start to borrow 30 thousand dollars this year, to make a million. The online data on her numerous, for me, I did not see in the news, I really do not know who is Sun Yanyan? Just listening to friends mentioned, always think she is an entrepreneurial road a businesswoman for a long time. Today I know that she is only a girl of 24 years old, a 80 entrepreneurs, her hard work, she now e-commerce through this platform, let the little fluorescence stick into the CCTV "the same song".

when I saw the video about her, in my eyes, she is so ordinary, and even can be said is not so bright, but no culture, no background, no support, not to mention money. She is completely dependent on their own super learning ability, self-confidence. Put aside their own culture, no background, no capital reality, as she likes to say: "think so much, do it on the line."

her appearance, some of the video spread, do you have the intention to go to Yiwu in mind the idea?. I do have this idea in my mind. In her micro-blog, I like her sentence: "a person to be outstanding, we must develop the habit of acceptance. Blindly, "I think, I wish, I want" I think, I think, I like, and so on, may be the driving force, but also may be progressive resistance." Entrepreneurs do not retreat, the biggest failure is to give up! Give up the opportunity to change his fate, is the biggest mistake. I don’t know if these words came from her. The truth is very difficult. When she joined the ranks of the network, she is just a junior high school graduates, can not use the computer, do not need to say more will not be typing. I believe that a lot of people are thinking that the computer will not, how to survive in e-commerce? In fact, this is inseparable from her pay, but also with her lucky ingredients.

through the understanding of her, my heart is also the same correct solution, 80, my actions, thoughts, compared with her, is not so small. Whether they do not have the courage to fight, do not believe their own strength. More than the heart, and the lack of strength. This is often closely linked to a person entrepreneurial mindset. People have the advantage or disadvantage of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship said? I think this argument is not there, as Ma Yun teacher said, the 100 entrepreneurs have 95 is dead, and 5 of which 4 are you looking at the dead, there is a leader. And this leader is not necessarily in this 1>

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