E commerce sites grow rapidly who will be the future overlord

Now the

electronic commerce website is more and more fire, B2B, B2C, C2C and so on, B2B is actually a kind of business to business model, free distribution network is a kind of rabbit model, which is the business release supply-demand information, some other businesses to buy. The B2C is also the most common, B2C is actually a business to customers a sales model, and the most typical even Dangdang and Jingdong mall. C2C is the customer to customer sales model, the most typical is Taobao and have these online shopping platform.

More and more

B2C website started construction, which is a large part of Taobao big sellers out of the self built website, as we all know, relying on taobao.com below the sellers, they actually do not have their own brands, many sellers in taobao.com sell very well, but if you find a factory direct purchase, is not enough. At this time to understand, in the C2C platform under the sale of the good, but also do not have their own brand.

B2C fire, but suddenly found, in fact not so simple thing and you do B2C, an ordinary shopping site, others believe that what you? Although the mall system can integrate more and more high-tech, very many things, including the use of Alipay and so on, these measures can make a part of to dispel doubts about the credibility of the customer site, but the vast majority of shoppers still don’t believe. And it’s a very difficult thing for you to find your website. But it is this time, and derived from another model, this model is called "consignment".


distribution pattern, so many B2C websites really find a way to sell is to use their goods to taobao.com, pat net sellers, let them take their goods in here, and then go to the C2C website on sale. Consignment goods, to solve the two problems, the first is the lack of credibility of their own business website. Second is to solve the problem of a lot of small sellers do not have enough money. Consignment at the same time, the use of some small skills to develop their own overall credibility, which is very good. Compared to those with large funds behind the B2C site, many small sites and personal sites, have begun to enter the ranks of the consignment.

at the same time, the demand will certainly sell market, is also a network of all now more and more as the agency website, publish information on the website to sell more and more. E-commerce than before, the transaction value of more than ten thousand times. The future of e-commerce will be booming. To seize the opportunity of the people, in the end how much? Let’s wait and see!

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