The domain name speculators business occupation

From $7 million 500 thousand to $14 million, domain name trading in just a few years has created a flourishes myth. In the beautiful story of the ring, many people have the domain name investment profits, money will be able to sit at home feeling.

in a hotel near China World Trade Center, a minor celebrity in the circle of the domain name investors Tian Peng told the "Financial Times" interview. Into the industry has more than four years and invested thousands of various domain names Tian Peng not only thinking agile, hobbies are quite extensive. "In my opinion, the domain name investment is a gold mine, and the key to mine the gold mine is to have a vision, creative, and have a keen sense of things around." Tian Peng said.

"domain name investment is one of the most basic principles, that is, the domain name as short as possible. Too long if the domain name is not good to the extreme, it is difficult to get the favor of buyers." Tian Peng told reporters. He believes that the simple combination of numbers and letters not only easy to remember, and the input is convenient, not easy to make mistakes, and buyers for this type of domain name is often in droves.

According to the statistics of the