A5 webmaster network hand in hand to help you quickly improve the 365webcall website conversion rate

recently, A5 Adsense network reached a strategic partnership with 365webcall, the two sides will cooperate in the construction of the site group, website optimization, website sales conversion rate, customer service efficiency and other aspects of comprehensive cooperation. Details of cooperation: http://s.tuan.admin5.com/365webcall/

365webcall (www.365webcall.com) is dedicated to bringing visitors into professional buyers online customer service system, Microsoft MSN, taobao.com, Google customer service strategic partners, more than 150 thousand corporate websites are using 365webcall online customer service system.

365webcall online customer service system is a kind of application on the website of the customer marketing tools, can make visitors communicate without download, install the client with the website, the website can also take the initiative and exchange visitors, can help the enterprise to rapidly improve the site sales.

365webcall online customer service software has the following advantages: (a) the most powerful function (two) visitors free click counseling improve conversion rate (three) exclusive support QQ and want knowledge base synchronization (four) first support visitors free voice and video plug-in (five) exclusive boss – the customer service desk monitoring function (six) stable and efficient

365webcall use case:

Shanghai Business School: www.shopex.cn

Yangbang Education: www.yangbang.cn

‘s 365webcall software: 365webcall, 365QQ online customer service software, 365 want the robot robot.

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