Miss the burn rate financing home wash O2O platforms have died

recently had O2O e car wash car wash industry half of the country had not been so good. Close the door to the car wash and home maintenance business at the same time, there are nearly a hundred employees were cut news, CEO also left in May of this year. Before and after the home Hanging Mobile Internet is the biggest car company "plaque off the core business, after the media exposed a dozen failures of the same type of company news. People can not help but ask, why is the car wash industry so short-lived O2O?


O2O car wash industry rapid rise

is on the verge of bankruptcy is the most recent period of time, e car wash body posted up to the label, and this industry leader in the first half of the year to complete the A round of $20 million financing.

on e car wash brilliant and growth, has left employees Chen Liang (a pseudonym) details of the company’s experience.

"this industry is from the beginning of this year, the fire up, there were about thirty or forty." Chen Liang said, the car is easy to enter the market earlier, the largest market share in the beginning of the year, while the E is in the car during the Spring Festival this year, latecomers become the first. Can catch up, because a lot of users during the Spring Festival in order to store other car platform, car only to find the store has been closed, eat cold-shoulder treatment. During this period, the team e washing line under the employees to give up the vacation time, a family visit car stores, and stores during the Spring Festival will not close communication matters, even when the store closed, the staff team will promptly update the information above APP, users avoid blindly orders. With the help of this incident, e car wash won the trust of users, turn overtaking, catch up.

after this, e car wash in April and May launched a penny car wash activity, when there are more than 20 thousand single daily traffic. Although the first single is a penny, but there will be third second single single fanquan, follow the taxi drops. Moreover, the promotion team under the e car wash line in the country covered fifteen cities in six. Basically a team of five or six people, seized a capital city, at the local car wash shop a one to talk, possibly within half a month will be in a city on the line.

just a few months time, the rapid development of e car wash, which in the company’s official website known as the country’s largest mobile Internet car wash platform, the amount of new users per day for twenty thousand or thirty thousand single. A car wash can cover 5 km radius of the area, the completion of 10-12 single day, the best time to earn about $12 thousand per month, an average of about $8000.

is also in this period, the entire automotive market in the field of O2O, start-up companies springing up like mushrooms.

public data show that since 2015, there are more than and 40 car market after the O2O project emerged, and in 2014 the admission of the entrepreneurial companies in more than 100, involving washing and maintenance, car rental, car insurance and other financial market segments.

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