Bao Bao jewelry inventory of French tourism buy buy buy have to look at the Raiders

Bao Na Na (BAUNAT) is a European diamond jewelry brand from belgium. At present, the business has expanded to the domestic market, is relying on outbound travel and cross-border electricity supplier fiery, gradually recognized by domestic consumers. Cosmetics, jewelry, delicacy is a hot topic of European tourism and shopping have to say, the French tourism still confused what to buy consumers, Opel Na you a gluttonous feast with European tourism shopping "".

against France, everyone knows it is full of romantic atmosphere of the country, whether it is the towering Eiffel Tower, pleasant Seine River, with the Champs Elysees Boulevard, or intoxicating aroma of Provence, let the country filled with a charming feelings.

many young people yearn for freedom and romance, like to go to France to play or travel to get married, this is a good choice. In a foreign country to lay down all the burden, to experience the kind of elegant, calm. In the light of the candle down on rich red wine, listening to beautiful music, really very happy.


this article, for your inventory, those who have to buy something in France:

a. Makeup

presumably Amy is already unable to bear, in the "gold brand" at the beginning of October announced the "2016 survey of a gilded signboard", the French brand YSL ranked first in "you most love the make-up brand reputation", such as Dior, Chanel, more than Bobbi Brown cosmetics industry "an old traveller".

and YSL in China most fire or lipstick, followed by "you come from the stars" fire up qianson paragraph No. 52 color Yi to together, and the 109 issue of the "Mermaid" color, touted by countless girl.

two. Perfume

in France, you can be with elegance and the scent of perfume to judge whether an Sir or Madam’s identity and taste. As the romantic capital of fashion, Paris can be described as a collection of almost all the French perfume brand shopping destination, such as (Fragonard), Chanel (CHANEL), BULY and other favorite brands.

three. Wine

When it comes to wine,

has to talk about france. France is the world famous wine producing area, its history can be described as a long history. Mentioned Wine natural and ultimately have "French Wine Queen" reputation of the Bordeaux Wine, especially Bordeaux red Wine magry, supple and delicate, let you fully experience the romantic atmosphere of france.

romantic and fashionable France, it is desirable, but also let people unlimited reverie. Many young couples also want to go to romantic France to spend an unforgettable wedding, to experience a different style. If you have such a dream, then the next thing you have to look carefully

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