Big head of the domain name registration

the United Nations (UN) World Intellectual Property Organization (World Intellectual Property’s Organisation) days ago warned that with the development of the Internet, there have been some new things, such as automatic mass registration of domain name domain name to "(Domain Tasting), has brought new" cybersquatting an annoying for trademark the owner (cybersquatting) "threat.

said the agency, cybersquatting is registered (the URL from a single purpose is often to them for resale to the trademark owner, in order to profit from), registered to create advertising revenue to the mass.

the World Intellectual Property Organization deputy director general Francis · Curie (Francis Gurry) said: "the development of the domain name registration system has contributed to these actions, a threat to the interests of trademark owners, and cause consumer confusion."

"domain name change speed, and the difficulty in tracking these large quantities of automatic registration, bring challenges to the prevention of cybersquatting trademark owners."

Curie pointed out two new phenomena: one is the automatic registration expired domain using the computer software, then the "Park" on the portal site, to attract "pay per click" advertising (pay-per-click); two is to register for free choice, the user can have a 5 day trial period (i.e., "try" stage).

Internet to these developments is the new domain name registrars are greatly increased. In addition, in order to relieve the overcrowded.Com domain,.Info and.Biz people to create a new generic top-level domain (gTLDs).

World Intellectual Property Organization, said the world’s 120 million registered web site, the domain name trading and "Parking" business holds a considerable part of the company.

In addition to

, tens of millions of domain names are registered each month to try, and only those who create a huge flow of domain names can be retained.

World Intellectual Property Organization is particularly concerned about the development of proxy domain name registration services. Although one of the reasons for the domain name registration by proxy is to prevent receiving spam, but the organization pointed out that the generic top-level domain name cybersquatting arbitration system needs to announce the identity of the website owner.

Curie said that the arbitration system has just begun to respond to new developments in the internet. According to the regulations, if the domain name does not have a registered trademark, and is the malicious use of this trademark, so he used the domain name trademark registration denied.

received the World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration Centre last year a case involving automated address registration, the panel said, if there is no prior to the third party rights investigation, it can be determined as being malicious.

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