Many Tmall stores were interviewed to brush the main store in difficult predicament

"some of the transactions are not true, is a single brush generated, then they have to pay tax?"

central broadcasting network Beijing on April 28th news Chinese according to the voice of "news" reported that many Tmall owner used to brush single way to attract customers, the so-called "brush" is a false trading, store payment please people posing as customers, increase sales, with a lot of praise to attract more buyers. But now these shopkeepers in trouble, some local tax authorities have begun for the Tmall business platform on the shop for tax formalities. In order to pay less tax, some shopkeepers tried to prove that he is a single brush, but single brush and Alibaba was identified to be illegal, these in the past in order to raise the sales of the single brush, has become the most headache problem of the tax, the shopkeepers in a dilemma.


brush single brush out of the brush, brush out of a bowl full of pots, in fact, brush off the sincerity and faith. When on a single brush drum full of pockets of shopkeepers, hiding in bed when the number of money, may have thought in this way to pay? In modern society in the context of "bragging do not pay taxes, small blow is not a crime" that has been out of date.

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