Suning today encounter online exams still need to run in the same price

Suning online price announcement (TechWeb)

[TechWeb] reported on June 8th news, Suning today encounter exams, prelude to the opening of the line under the same price.

in order to coordinate, Suning opened before 8 in the morning, has suspended operation page, is the "historical moment, hold your breath to replace the operation page, upset the whole network, the forthcoming" huge publicity page. Until the opening of the store at the bottom of the line to open the door, only to synchronize open online sales.

TechWeb visited a Suning stores in the first time, found the shop has a lot of publicity about the "line" with the price of the posters, in store radio also broadcast this information turns.

reporter immediately after several days of concern about the price of a few products, store prices found compared with the previous few days did not change. SONY digital single camera A57, the store price of 5199 yuan, which is a camera on did not find.


in the store saw a YADU air purifier KJF2901 store, the price is 4680 yuan, compared with’s products but not the price, and displays the area (Beijing Haidian District) to buy.


CX290 camera, the store price tag is 2380 yuan, and the purchase price of 2280 yuan.

Suning store employee said, "because it was the first day, so many prices are still some adjustment, although the price price tag is not the same, but can be sold in accordance with the purchase price."

, the reporter found that although the line of the price, but the conditions must be the city area, the same online business rules, the so-called price refers to the price the price range on the city.

at the same time, the price of Suning line price, even with other electricity price there is a big difference with the SANYO washing machine XQG65-l903BHX as an example, Suning store price of 6898 yuan, net marked price is 7588 yuan, while the same product Gome online price of 6299 yuan.

Suning clerk said, now the price is just beginning, also need an adjustment time, estimated a few days, the line can be completely the same price.

"we welcome this approach, in the past a lot of people are in the store to see the goods, and then go online to buy, and now do not worry about this." The clerk said.

insiders pointed out that the line price in the long run is a way to build the core competitiveness of Suning, but Suning will also face the huge challenge, in solving the internal challenges at the same time, still have to face all kinds of crises that may arise. If the opponent at this time some low price action, will bring great threat to suning. (eight)

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