2 years of the 250 companies received a license to dilute the gold content of the third party paymen

day before the central bank issued a new batch of third third-party payment license, Sina, Baidu and other Internet companies impressively. More than 2 years, the acquisition of the license to pay the enterprise has reached 250.

industry insiders pointed out that, compared to the past, the license is not a rarity, regulatory authorities to pay the regulatory attitude of the industry has been changed from the restrictions to encourage competition.

2 years to pay 250 payment license

data show that in July 6th the central bank has issued the seventh batch of a total of 27 third party payment license, the Internet search giant Baidu’s BaiduPay, Sina’s web portal Sina pay impressively, the other as some local prepaid card business.

from May 2011 the central bank issued the first payment license including Alipay has licensed third party payment enterprises has reached 250.

this, the Internet research firm iResearch analyst Xie Chun Securities Times reporter said that in the past to pay the license of the knock on effect has been greatly weakened.

payment industry veteran and Chinese Unicom wal pay operators responsible person Wang Hui also agreed to Xie spring view, he said, in 2011 the central bank issued the first license, most market participants believe that the license will be more difficult to apply, many payment companies even worried that its business would be to shut down. However, on the contrary, the more the subsequent license, the access threshold is also more relaxed.

Wang Hui, a direct consequence of the central bank to relax the threshold of license, industry participants is uneven in quality "work", and some enterprises to apply for a license after did not carry out the actual business, but wait for the license plate resale profit.

"licence to pay enterprises means not only the legal status, but also means a franchise license issued, but too much, the particularity of our industry has disappeared, I think that the central bank should be appropriate to raise the threshold for the application, such as the provisions of Nianjiaoyiliang standard etc.." Another company executives who do not want to be named, said.

new opponent impact limited

there are indications that the central bank seems to be more focused on lowering the threshold to encourage the market competition in the payment industry.

June 29th, the people’s bank payment Chinese said at the Lujiazui forum Zhou Jinhuang, deputy director of the settlement company this year is expected to get paid a license of the company will reach about 260, at the same time, regulators of the payment industry overall attitude to encourage innovation, standardize the development of.

in addition, regulators encourage free competition intention, in the near future "issued by the bank card acquiring business management approach" is also reflected in the central bank, said in response to a reporter asked, one of the specific ideas of management measures is to adhere to the direction of market-oriented reforms to reduce administrative intervention.

however, although the increase in the number of participants in the payment industry, the industry is expected to change the overall pattern of the industry will not be much. Xie Chun said that after the payment of the license to obtain the main prepaid card enterprise >

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