Seeking the profit model of dating and dating websites in SNS Era

SNS is now popular, many network carriers have proposed their own SNS applications. Dating dating sites and so far the application of SNS is still rare.

In fact,

dating website has received venture capital sought after, Jiayuan,, Lily network etc. several well-known sites have already got the risk investment. But the profit model has been a problem. The main reason is where, how to solve this problem is unavoidable. The author (Sina blog name: Carleton University Professor) believes that there are three main reasons.

1, the traditional concept of love and marriage challenges

although China has long been in line with international standards in many ways, but the problem of marriage for thousands of years are achieved through on-site contact. For online dating marriage is currently limited to large and medium cities crowd, and the degree of recognition is limited. The virtual nature of the network so that a lot of people always feel a lack of reality.

2, integrity issues

whether it is the basic traditional industry e-commerce sites, or dating dating sites, integrity is the core issue. Relevant information shows that the lack of authenticity of many dating site information, is the leading cause of online dating difficulties. If the other information even the most basically real problems, like QQ chat each other is a man or a woman you don’t know, or whether the person is in the chat with you you don’t know, you have much patience to talk.

3, the lack of interactive

Whether it is

or Chinese Jiayuan, matchmaker, or other related sites, the main pattern is registered online, offline activities organization. The main function of the website is to provide member registration. But it is difficult to achieve effective interaction on the internet. If there is a problem of online interaction between members, there will be an increase in mutual understanding of the problem, the effect of the organization will be greatly affected by the activities of the line.

SNS in the relationship and interaction as the core, the author (Sina blog name "Carleton University professor") to solve the traditional dating sites that lack of interaction and interest should be of great significance. The web game is also optimistic about the application, whether it is a separate web game or SNS web site built in the game. Therefore, the author believes that the following aspects can be considered in the age of SNS dating dating website profit model.

1, in the web game WEBGAME built-in Dating Dating module

people are social animals, always need to communicate with each other. So whether it is a professional dating sites, or other types of sites, will emphasize the user’s participation, emphasizing communication between users. The web game is attracting a large number of user participation, which also has a lot of interactive design. Users in the process of playing a variety of relationships. If the dating game in the network set up dating module, players in the process of playing the game, through continuous exchanges and cooperation, the relationship between the opposite sex friends may be further development.


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