SAC push electricity supplier and selling network legislation to punish

this year, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce busy – year commercial reform report just released, online shopping fake storm began.

yesterday (March 9th), State Administration for Industry and Commerce Secretary Zhang Mao at the three session of the twelve National People’s Congress press conference that, at present there are many problems in online shopping, although the fake result but the problem still exists, the next step, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce will actively promote the legislation of electronic commerce.

at the same time, Zhang Mao said, the next step will be the business sector through information technology to perfect the way of supervision, and actively promote the development of the anti-counterfeiting work.

actively promote e-commerce legislation

according to the SAIC statistics, last year the national online shopping spending reached 27898 billion yuan, has accounted for the total retail sales of social consumer goods by 10%. In other words, the Chinese people’s daily consumption of 10% is through online shopping, and this data is still growing at a rate of 30% to 40%.

Behind the growth of

, accompanied by the emergence of online shopping problems, Zhang Mao said, "online shopping at the same time there are also some new problems, such as the hype, counterfeit products, goods return is more difficult issues such as the business sector, the difficulty in dealing with consumer complaints and disputes are also relatively large."

in January this year, the first half of the network commodity transaction directed monitoring results published by the State Administration for Industry in 2014 showed that the current network shopping environment is not optimistic, the authentic online shopping rate of less than 60%, the genuine was the lowest, only 37.25%.

in the face of such a bad network environment, there are many people in the industry called for radical cure from the legislation. The two sessions on behalf of the National People’s Congress Miu Ruilin from Jiangsu on the proposed comprehensive e-commerce legislation.

for e-commerce legislation, SAIC has begun to carry out related work. Because the laws and regulations are lagging behind, SAIC has issued a network transaction management approach, but not perfect, we are now actively promoting e-commerce legislation." Zhang Mao said that the administrative departments of industry and Commerce will accelerate the construction of the rule of law in this regard.

Shi Jichun, director of the center for the study of economic law

of Renmin University of China School of law in accepting the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, Industrial and Commercial Bureau function is as a regulated market management department of the government, have the right to supervision of fakes on the network. On the network and selling, based on facts and take the law as the criterion, and the key is the specific implementation and operation by law.

enterprises will increase the cost of illegal

Zhang Mao also admitted that due to the online shopping has a lot of new features, the General Administration of industry and commerce as the main regulatory network shopping, the traditional regulatory approach is not fully applicable. "We have been trying to crack down on fake and shoddy behavior, although some results have been achieved, but the problem still exists." Zhang Mao said.

filed a fake, reminiscent of shortly before the administration of industry and Commerce and Taobao

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