Asia domain name over 300 thousand revenue of 70 million yuan

, vice president of.Asia community relations Joe king said,.Asia’s first domain name and domain name auction rules, pioneer cost rule, half a year for this emerging Asian top-level domain.Asia registered institutions brought 70 million yuan of income.

due to the introduction of a short time, the total number of registered.Asia has just more than 300 thousand, of which there are about more than 30 thousand domestic registration. Relevant responsible person said,.Asia is trying to promote cooperation with major institutions, enterprises, with a view to the public and the market can be familiar with and trust the emerging top-level domain.

LasVegas.Asia has attracted many eyeballs. There are reports that the United States of Las Vegas in 80% hawker were from asia. Macao, the "Las Vegas of Asia" in 2006 surpassed the United States, Las Vegas and become the world’s largest gambling center, so "Las Vegas" and "Asia" this combination of absolute value. In the landing period was an investment after registration, to second-hand sold 30 thousand dollars, but also proved that the.Asia domain of the great potential and global appeal.

Asia is an emerging market in the world, with the continuous improvement of the international economic and political status of Asia, the rapid economic development, market potential, has been an ideal place for international capital. Asia has overtaken the United States and the European Union, has become the world’s most populous region, the Asia domain name as the Asian network numbers, with unique distinctive logo. .Asia domain name will become an important platform to promote online activities and business communications across Asia and even the world.

The launch of

.Asia really allows companies and domain name investors to enter the rapidly growing Asian market. .Asia domain name will be able to share the power of the Asian century, the core strength of the development of the Internet into the region, to the Asia Pacific region businesses and users to achieve a unified opportunity.

in order to meet the arrival of the national day, an important partner in the era of.Asia network launched a preferential.Asia domain name activities. Buy.Asia domain name this month, customers can enjoy half price discount. More than 300 thousand users worldwide have.Asia domain name, I believe you will not miss a good opportunity.

industry insiders said: I hope the Asia Pacific region, as soon as possible to register the business and trademark holders to register, so as not to miss the trademark registration period, resulting in unnecessary losses.

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