Talk about how to make every buyer into a distributor of your micro shop

micro store marketing can be said to be an important part of the micro shop management work, and the promotion of micro shop is the focus of micro shop marketing. In the area of sales promotion, can be said to be both time and energy, is the one thing that burn, good promotion effect of the strike, if not, it would be very disappointing, it is not only "empty", but also "lose the wife of another soldier".

for micro shop, promotion is not the same, it is a very simple and effective work. The owner of a friend in the circle of friends, QQ space, and some other social channels to release some information on goods or event information, you can conduct promotional products. However, it is hard to change, sometimes a person’s strength is limited, they need the help of other people’s help.

for the product, is the so-called most used to have the right to speak, at this time, the buyer is the best help themselves to promote the store goods. When the buyers in the micro shop to buy goods and take home for use, found that the effect is really good, at this time, most of the buyers are often not to friends to introduce this commodity, the relevant information is released or forwarded this product on social platforms, they charge when the role of micro shop distributors in the intangibles, to help you the emblem shop and its goods push work.

so, how should the micro shop with buyers (distributors) of the power, so that they help themselves to promote it? Here are three suggestions for the owner of a friend for reference. (see Figure 1)

1 forward courtesy

micro shop owner can make use of some discount promotions and other promotional activities to help buyers to promote their own products. You can buy this product and release similar information can be obtained as forwarding products, micro shop coupon……" "In the shop to buy goods buyers, as long as the forwarding of the following information, you can receive a beautiful gift……" The activities of the information, through this forward and polite manner, so that the majority of buyers for their own products to promote the store.

2 service first

In fact,

, the highest level promotion promotion is most willing to let buyers to help their products, while he is as easy as blowing off dust. So, how can we do this? In fact, this is the easiest to reach the most difficult to achieve. It will need to provide the best quality products and services to the buyers when the buyers not only used a good product, but also to experience the perfect service, it is easy to buyers to friends to introduce the products and micro shop, "promotion free" to help the micro shop.

of course, this is the most basic operating principles, but also the most difficult to reach the realm of. As the saying goes, there is no best, only better. The same products and services, to do this, the store needs continuous efforts and adhere to.

3 co promotion


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