Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of Taobao platform and independent shopping website


development today, already has tens of millions of online, in recent years, the Taobao web site while creating value for themselves, but also to the countless shopkeepers brought great benefits, for the majority of individual entrepreneurship that provides a great platform for small entrepreneurs, in joy feel the benefits at the same time to the platform myself, many people have begun to consider the transition to the independent online shopping website, numerous independent shopping sites, have also formed a debut, with Taobao, pat, shopping platform competition, contend, is All flowers bloom together.. For many people who are ready to engage in e-commerce online shopping business, in the end is to set up shop on Taobao or create their own independent shopping site, has become part of the problem.

in many shopping platform, Taobao has occupied half of the country this kind of platform, the online shopping word about Taobao, Taobao did not seem to online shopping will not be online shopping. Indeed, Baidu has ah, compared to Tencent such as pat shopping platform, Taobao really has a big advantage in the Internet, even if it is not the Internet, if he knows the term of online shopping, he is likely to know the name of Taobao, but not necessarily know pat, there is ah. Words, visible Taobao in the Chinese people’s sense of how much occupied the position. At the same time, the majority of Internet users to create more convenient online shopping at the same time, also to the many petty entrepreneurs bring unlimited business opportunities, as a new generation of occupation, the shop owner, the shop owner, through a variety of network in the wholesale market, sourcing, and provide the Taobao platform space in the shop to do business stay at home, do business, eliminating a large number of physical stores needed funds and manpower, realize their own businesses. These credits, of course, should be attributed to Taobao, pat, there is ah, such as the contribution of the shopping platform.

Taobao shopping platform brings online shopping environment, convenient for the majority of Internet users, with the development of network technology and the increasing popularity of the Internet, this kind of platform is showing its weakness in the platform. Huge online shopping market is like a huge cake, just one or two people can not eat to share the support, after all, its limited digestion. With more and more people shop more and more, the number of online shopping, Taobao platform is revealing their deficiencies in online shopping. At the same time, Jingdong such as, fashion mall, network, where the uprising, a series of large-scale independent shopping sites have appeared, as there are some leisurely shopping network, Luxuries discount network, according LuxeHome clothing fashion shopping network and other small shopping site, a huge online shopping market to become the Taobao shopping platform and independent two of the world situation website.

many shopping sites, a superb collection of beautiful things goods, for the majority of entrepreneurs in the end choose online shopping, Taobao platform shop, or create an independent shopping website to operate, a lot of people has been stagnant, a problem confused and helpless. Here, this paper briefly analyzes the pros and cons of these two models, in order to be able to hope to provide a reference for online friends and

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