Talking about the development trend of electronic commerce from network advertisement to electronic

last week and a friend chat in B2B e-commerce, we agreed that the future of e-commerce will be B2C and B2B and C2C home court, as will become B2C Road, upstream and downstream industries, constitute the entire e-commerce industry. In other words, B2C is the core chain, B2B for the B B2C chain, C2C chain of C B2C.

later, we talked about the development of e-commerce. From my point of view, e-commerce in some form and online advertising. Friends who have done the site know, if you want to put in advertising, in addition to their own advertising investment, you can also join the Google AdSense and Baidu alliance, etc.. Like many of the big sites, that is, the use of such advertising model. A part of the advertising business by themselves, a part of the advertising alliance advertising, so, do not interfere with each other.

from the online advertising business model, we look at the e-commerce model, in fact, have in common. Now there are two models of e-commerce, one is based on the third party platform, one is based on their own platform. Alibaba above the customer, it belongs to the third party platform, which is the network advertising alliance model. And like ShopEx customers, it belongs to their own platform, which is the independent model of online advertising.

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, and Internet advertising, these two modes of delay, do not interfere with each other. Alibaba’s customers, e-commerce through Alibaba at the same time, you can use ShopEx to create their own e-commerce site. Moreover, under certain conditions, the latter is more advantageous than the former. Because the former is to carry out business in the field of others, while the latter is in their own land to carry out business. The former is to use other people’s brand influence, the latter is to establish their own brand influence. Like today’s Web site owners, but also spared no effort to carry out their own advertising marketing. Sina, Tencent, NetEase, etc. have created their own brand advertising marketing, which is a good example. Therefore, the use of ShopEx to create an independent e-commerce platform, more advantages.

so, where is the specific advantage? First, we want to think, for businesses, what is the most valuable?. Secondly, what is the most valuable for e-commerce companies?. Well, through these two points, we look at the analysis. Alibaba, the only thing we can do is to carry out business. And their e-commerce platform, we can not only carry out business, you can also grasp the most valuable customer information and brand. The use of ShopEx to build a web site, you can have an independent domain name does not say, but also to have their own users and databases, that is, to master the customer information and the creation of their own brand.

let’s say, for example, if you’re in a market where you trust the booth or the seller of the store, it’s clear that we are more trusting of the sellers. Electronic by ShopEx

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