Ganji com bet O2O Taobao service

reporter Li Yinghuan from Beijing

is the short term group purchase after another typical O2O (Online To Offline) model, test the short rental market, for, of great significance.

"we want to be the Taobao of the service class." Ganji CEO Hao Yang Chung has clearly planned future business model. From the media to the offbeat business, turned


seize the short rental market segments

"if 100 yuan will be able to live in a sea view room in Sanya, 800 yuan can live in Hongkong Sanshiliangting garden room, will you choose?" has always been low-key, rarely interviewed Yang Haoyong in the face of an exclusive interview with the weekly Times reporter, some said excitedly.

let Yang Haoyong excited is just on the line soon ant short hire business. Less than two months, the ant has been close to the short rental housing in 29375, the growth rate is very impressive. At present, the ants short rental housing has been more than the first in the domestic launch of two short rental website.

ants short rent short rent houses or service platform, through this platform, users can complete the search, booking, payment, comment etc.. The reason why the short rental business known as the typical O2O model, for short rent online and offline to form a closed loop, the user to find the valuable information of goods or services, through the line to complete the purchase; the line is reflected in the idle resources, the formation of short rental market.

The emergence of the concept of

O2O, from the Internet to set up vertical areas such as air tickets to Ctrip as an outstanding representative of the user in the online order, after the completion of the payment of votes against the line. The rapid rise of the real O2O is popular in 2010 to buy, it is a bridge between online payment and enjoy the service line. In fact, O2O’s mission is to bring the Internet to account for 90% of the current line of consumption. ants short rent, is the mode of development.

life information class O2O model in the United States has many successful cases. Founded in 2008, Airbnb, is an imitation of the object of the ants short rent, known as eBay in the housing, the current valuation has reached $1 billion 300 million. As a travel housing rental community, users can search or search through the network or mobile application rental housing rental information, and complete online booking.

try to rent the market, the most important thing is a huge amount of idle resources, O2O model can solve this problem. Yang Haoyong stressed that the line of a large number of idle resources to consume through the Internet, as long as the price is reasonable enough, there are third party guarantees, for the user, is a cost-effective experience, the model is feasible.

this is the other electricity providers, including Ctrip will not intervene in the market segments." In Yang Haoyong view, the difference between the short rent and the hotel is the difference between the short-term rental of the user’s time in more than 3 days

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