Join the site protection plan for the original site and what are the benefits

How to use the tool

has access to the original rights owners have to look seriously, did not get a friend please to understand.

the original time, publishing original content to the second best time

1, if love Shanghai to identify the original content, certainly in the search on either the PC or mobile terminal has a display of original standard. The love of Shanghai for the original standard is very strict, less, but the follow-up will be more and more original standard online show, everyone can see your web site on the original logo, this is the future of all sites are important.

welfare gift!

application conditions: your site within 30 days of release over 30 essays on site, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform will give the family planning to open the original protection plan function, through the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform registration system to query. Registration deadline: July 19, 2017.


2, included the preferential treatment, this is important for all sites. If the site included itself is no problem, then add to the original logo will be the original love Shanghai protection plan to speed up the collection of content; but if you are poor, especially the site itself included small site, the new site, you included in Shanghai love itself is not particularly good, only can obtain the original protection authority, the original content can is love Shanghai identification to the original content, in three days will be included, is three days in Shanghai show love search online.

original page requires three things:

1, the original first protected content protection is the text of the original class. The original picture, the original video cannot be protected. Submit the text to a single page of not more than 500 words (search for paging recognition love Shanghai is not friendly, do not recommend the use of a single page page submission), if a single page more than 500 words, only need to submit the page on it.

the need to clear know who the author is

to obtain the original protection plan? How to submit


article sources who are.

the problem is many webmaster and site are very concerned about the problem, here we must seriously look, understand

3, a sort of strategy at the end of July will be on the line. If you don’t recognize the content of the website for the original website, content is collected after the absolute not ranked in front of you, all love Shanghai search ranking will have a correlation between departments in the process. But love Shanghai can only guarantee all of your original content will not be collected website ranking to the front, you can not say that is the original will be ranked in all the following keywords ranked first. This is also in love with the sea to let everyone feel seriously in the original protection plan, and limited to the webmaster




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