How to make love in Shanghai related domain will not have too big ups and downs

quiz platform outside the chain for most of the webmaster, is not strange, the most common is the love of Shanghai know, Soso Ask, ask the question and answer, Sina, hair above the chain, in addition to love Shanghai know, other platforms through the probability is relatively large, this kind of link to increase Shanghai love field is to have an immediate effect, at the same time, significant fluctuations in the situation is to have occurred. When you ask a question on it, then answer, there are many related pages, then this link you will of course also appeared in many pages of this site, when a spider to crawl the page, all statistics for each link, then the relevant domain you increase the possibility of thousands or even tens of thousands it is possible, he once in Q inside to ask a question, why do I ask SOSO www.28dx贵族宝贝 web site has not been included? When asked after a few days, a Shanghai love related domain search, more frightening, direct increase of around 30000, but with the love of Shanghai update those pages slowly excluded, decreased correlation domain is very obvious.

, a Q & a platform outside the chain

We all know that


love Shanghai love Shanghai, of course more effective related domain for the site of the help is bigger. Many webmaster friends domain, related domain more scary, in fact many are invalid invalid related domain, related to the site is definitely without any help, but for those who only look at the surface of the webmaster may Huyou, especially Links exchange website, if you look at the number of related fields, and not look at the quality of words, so you may be unwise, because many of them are invalid related domain.

love Shanghai related domain, to improve the overall website weight and keywords ranking is influential. For some long tail keywords competition is relatively small, in the do keyword anchor text, add only love Shanghai domain can let him have the rankings, this is the love of Shanghai related domain increase website weight, so that the site is assigned to the weight of keywords, keywords ranking has finally let. For some high weight website, love Shanghai related domain is very large, they have the number of so many, that there is such a high weight website. Today, many webmaster to the related domain is also very seriously, turn on the computer every day, is the first to see, see the relevant domain itself whether there is increased, a lot of friends always complain about why I love Shanghai so much related domain wave, suddenly less thousands, or hundreds of suddenly increased, feeling what he did not send the chain, in fact, there is a direct relationship between the construction of the chain with their own behavior. So how should we love Shanghai related domain will not have too much fluctuation? Summed up can be divided into the following:

Related domain reverse link

quiz chain, there are many others will be reproduced.

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