The love of Shanghai K station second wave suspected database update

5, medical site or a sensitive industry station group operation;


I carefully collected on the K station on various forums, mainly have the following several kinds of speculation:

1, a large number of acquisition or low quality pseudo original content;

2, sending links or links to buy cheat chain operation;

6, Web2.0 site by spam;


4, the website space, such as filing, server stability;

first we look at the Shanghai dragon why forum initiated the vote. The vote is the moderator wolf Shanghai dragon launched, launched soon become hot, the post visit amount has exceeded 2800 of the visits, as I have 324 webmaster position screenshots of the vote, the voting results are as follows, 232 station site was K, accounting for 71.6% of the number of all.

this simple voting data may somewhat one-sided, although also can explain K wide area, but it is still not enough, here through the database to a Shanghai Longfeng vane under our Chinaz, including data (575710 of the total number of data sampling site):K ratio reaches 2.29%, and the average proportion of the previous K station has been only 0.2% points. All of a sudden increase of 10 times, then the site was K range as can be imagined.



3, the accumulation of keywords, keyword density is too high;

Chinaz data by K website benchmark: the proportion of

7, love Shanghai’s own database update.

for the love of Shanghai K Station No. 6.22, I believe we still remember, because the K station is already very large, but mostly the old station was K, the number of Shanghai dragon do not very good new sites but suddenly rose to the very top. Have been in and do a lot of Shanghai dragon friends exchange speculation, many people complain that this is rather baffling love Shanghai K station, because most of the rules in accordance with the love of Shanghai search engine optimization guide operation of the site have been down the right, for example, I never rose this blog how to optimize, only occasionally update send Shanghai dragon article, this is not cheating and the excessive optimization. Of course, if the change of love Shanghai algorithm gives some focus on new advantages, to optimize the old station trace is too heavy in some optimization techniques to punish, this is understandable. But the second wave of K wave station today makes many friends can’t understand, one morning, almost all related to Shanghai dragon group with the same wespecial in talking about the site has been K.

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