Love Shanghai audit period who decides

found a lot of friends, more anxious on the website, with only one blood cavity, what are not ready on. This is like a child has not developed good courage went to miss, but the actual operation will have serious defect.


Er old money to shorten the review period of the Shanghai experience part of love experience, interested friends can try.

from: Wuhan Shanghai dragon Er money Jiang Jiang’s blog address: 贵族宝贝027, Shanghai dragon er贵族宝贝/post/178.html, reproduced must indicate the

Two, the

for a fast through the review period in the new station, the content is the decisive factor, so the daily timing, quantitative update the original article is very important.


, a website filled

into the weight is not so easy to attract spiders, need to find some high weight resources, soft Wen contribute or pay is issued personal recommendation, because the link weight for love Shanghai in the article naturally occurring is relatively high, and these links are one-way links, the effect will be more obvious. So spend a few dollars a few advertorial or value for money, of course, in the soft release site or to follow the three principles of relevance, high weight, can be collected.

line on the site before we would fill the contents of web content, then there is a correlation and try to be original, may be appropriate to do some within the chain, but do not have too obvious Shanghai Longfeng traces, such as keyword accumulation etc..

love Shanghai since 628 after the earthquake, the review period is significantly longer, attracted many owners complain about. Old money think this is a good thing, after all, love is also a service in Shanghai products, but also need to have a good customer experience, the audit period extended really can be a lot of garbage station to death crippled, for the regular stations and willing to invest for the stationmaster also reduces the number of competitors. So this article only as station owners put forward some formal methods to shorten the review period and the elements of love Shanghai.

The above is the Wuhan Shanghai dragon Before

timing quantitative update

to its experience, the best way to attract a new spider for love Shanghai’s own products to connect release, such as love, love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia know like, another is to find some love Shanghai seconds of the forum, the chain released. The chain of new sites for more, and the stability, the chain group is not necessary and harmful.

three, fewer and better the construction of the chain

The old

the construction of the chain has two purposes, one is to attract the spider, two is the introduction of weight.

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