How to attract the spider included more pages

this is probably a lot of new Adsense puzzling problem, we do Shanghai dragon is definitely to let the spider included more pages as possible, even some webmaster want to let the spider included all pages of the website, actually this is not possible, so we want to let the spider as much as possible included in the page, as well as may let the spider attract more important pages. Today Ji’nan petty website optimization to tell you how we should attract spider.

this problem many webmaster didn’t notice, in fact this impact on site optimization is relatively large, generally we can to two or three level directory, if the page into deeper spider may not crawling, the user experience is not very good, the page weight will be more low. So some webmaster >

1, web sites and pagesThe

many of the so-called Shanghai dragon staff that website optimization is to send the chain, it will send a lot of the chain rankings is good, we can be sure of is the chain ranking on the site and included is good, but is not to say that the Shanghai dragon is the hair of the chain, really website optimization Shanghai dragon if not, the hair of the chain will also have a good ranking. Of course, we are now talking about is the role of the chain, so the other now is not in-depth discussion.

is known to all, the weight of the site and page higher, the spider crawling deeper by spiders included page also some more. But a new web site, the weight reached 1 words is relatively easy, but if you want to increase the weight online will become more and more difficult.

4, page

Update 2, page update frequency and

in fact, every time when spider crawling website will put these pages of data stored in the database, the next time the spider crawling again this site will be compared with the last crawl data, if the page and the last page is the same, which indicates that the page is not updated, this page will reduce the spider crawling don’t even crawl frequency. On the contrary, if the page is updated, or new links, the spider will climb to the new link according to the new page, so it is easy to increase the amount collected.

The weight of The depth of

if you want to let the spider know your links, you need to go where the spider crawling often put some of your links, which will attract the spider crawling to your site or not? These links are referred to as the chain, in fact the friendship chain is a chain but in fact, because Links than the chain effect is better, so this would separate the petty bourgeoisie. It is because of this chain attract spider role, so when we released a new website, usually included to some better platform to release some of the chain, so that we can quickly let the spider included our website.

3, the chain and Links

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