How to improve the conversion rate of customers


, a website optimization of the title and descriptionWe know that the

, is through the website to bring certain customer consultation, customers, customers to buy. Some website do pay promotion, some sites are Shanghai dragon. No matter what method we are in order to obtain the target customers. So after getting traffic? How to effectively put the flow into the "performance"? [this] Zhao Qiang Feng intermediate Shanghai Longfeng would like to discuss with you in this aspect.

, thank you! A website construction of


case: if I were a short message customer demand in Ji’nan, I visited a website through the website, I saw many customers with the cooperation, I would be more trust in this company? I would think "people believe in this company, I should believe?"

case: fall in love with the sea search "Ji’nan SMS company" in which we think below the site more conspicuous? Are more likely to click on? Of course is fourth! (1) in the description with special symbols (2) described in the "first brand" "the best of People’s Republic of China……"

two, set the customer cooperation case plate

the two points above are my thoughts on how to improve and study website customer conversion rate, out to share with you and exchange. I hope we can do the search engine marketing website based in the network marketing industry goes farther, more and more deep. In this paper, by the Shandong Ji’nan SMS platform (贵族宝贝 Qilu Shangwutong exclusive feeds, reproduced please specify

keyword query through the search engine, the first show in the list of results is the title and description. How to attract customers to click on the search page? More than 10 rankings, how to improve the success rate of the search user clicks on our website? So text website title and description, plays a very important role.

Chinese in most people’s thinking, others think is good stuff, or rush things, Chinese generally will be the first impression that it is a good thing. So we must increase the setting of "cooperative case" of the plate in the internal web site, so that customers visit the website said: "this company is very popular, many people believe that they have to cooperate with". Once the client through the website of the impression on the company, the probability of successful cooperation will greatly increase the

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