By the thought of the TV shopping online

I don’t think what master, occasionally a little experience, he came here to express my.

to see when the total TV ads like this is really funny, what 998 yuan to buy a real drill watches, a little funny a little funny, but obviously fake. Why is he so successful? Before long into the Chinese TV shopping market, why is it hot up? The truth actually inside money may not be much, but I think the reason is so popular is: most of their products is the market and no publicity really drill, the price is very low. I want to buy this one is nothing more than a few kinds: 1 kind of stay, I really thought it was genuine, want to pick up a cheap; 2 knowing that fake deliberately buy to impersonate tycoon show off; 3 did not know the true and false, just buy a look at exactly what.

is now a lot of people do Wangzhuan what adouer Xu Xu (such as advertising in order to avoid suspicion, without leaving the site, you go to Baidu search will know), these many are selling the same thing, but want to free for all, it is not easy. So they advertised to earn $10000 a month, such as advertising, you can sell, and the price is not cheap, a few hundred have, some simply engage in bidding. To tell the truth I feel learned these things may not be so promising, so the money he sold? But the problem seems to be out of here, this thing will not learn to make money, but he himself can be profitable, copy, cost 0, people buy money. Do well still make a fortune. Maybe some of them are real, but not much.

why did he buy it? It’s time to go back to the TV shopping, just like the TV shopping, he has a large customer base. Customers in the eyes of a pedestrian to know the truth, but layman? A lot of people will believe that they will spend money to buy. There are many belong to the third class, is to see what is what. There are many plans to buy to continue to sell (this category should be smarter). As a result, he one day to sell 2 sets a month is about 60 sets, a set if earn 200 a month, that is 200*60=12000, look, this is not a monthly income of over a million. Of course, this is not much, which can be bought every day. But how much can earn a little.

is now a lot of people say these not believe ah, but I think that is a little profit. I may have thought this article has been said before, but here again to take out for everyone to see.

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