How to do the internal optimization to improve the keywords ranking


Shanghai dragon Er is to do their best to make the site appear in the search engine page, improve the site keywords ranking, the first thing every morning is how to boot query keywords ranking, website traffic to a variety of indicators. Every query wants the site keywords ranking can be improved, however, the indicators of many times website will appear some problems, as the webmaster is quite upset. How to improve the keywords ranking has become a work of Shanghai dragon er must be studied.

website content is the soul of the website, to attract visitors to the most important is the content of the website, search engine for the website content requirements is now increasingly high, especially the love of Shanghai, the original high content more easily indexed, keywords on the site’s ranking plays an important role. Although the update content on the website is in trouble, but also could not be collected articles on the website, so often spent more The loss outweighs the gain., in the later time.

, improve the site content of the original

as a er Shanghai dragon we have followed "the chain for the emperor, the chain is king" criterion, although not completely agree, but we still do so many times, but with the search engine more and more attention to the user experience, the chain for gradually weakened, and now the release of the chain is more and more high requirements, increase keyword ranking of difficulty is constant. Therefore, more and more Shanghai dragon Er began to focus on internal optimization, improve website ranking. Site internal optimization is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

as a new station, should do the layout of the keywords, the importance of different words in different pages. Usually, the most important key words on the front page of the two key words in column page or channel page, if there is a long tail word, the degree of competition will be smaller, the words in the article page or the content page to optimize it. The main keywords on the home page is in, should from the title, bold, H1 tags, keywords layout etc. highlight keywords.

usually most of the webmaster website optimization will focus on the home page, let the keywords in the hands of their own on the website home page. Because everybody thinks that the website is the most important in the web page, the weight is higher, and easier to optimize. In fact, this approach is somewhat partial split, as a webmaster should know when we are in the layout of each page keywords, keywords don’t exceed 2-3, once more keywords on the home page optimization will enable us to optimize the site more difficult, mainly reflected in the content of the writing, the internal link arrangement, and external link anchor text will be the trouble, finally forming a page can only get 2-3 keywords ranking.

Reasonable layout of

three, the inside pages to link

usually website >

two and key words

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