How to determine the weight and height of the web site in the search engine

is the amount collected determines a method of weight and height of the web site is the most important, because only the high weight of the site, the spider will at any time to take up his website, see if there are new articles included and give up. What is the number of income reached high weight, this depends on what website. How is the electronic commerce website only to reach 10000. How is the enterprise website, only to reach more than 300. For webmasters like the site, but also to reach more than 5000, so this love webmaster nets also do not very good.

site website


look at the others in website ranking, included in the article search engine, and then put the title of the site title into the search column, then search, if in the first place, that the weight of the site is very high, if not in the first place, that the weight of the site, is not very high.

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page ranking


keywords ranking

PR value, domain name age, snapshot date

for the above said.


Hello, love station network there for a long time did not write the original article, is busy recently, some companies inside things, after all, is working for someone else’s, the total can not to forget about the company’s own website, website. I will not do this kind of thing. This will bring you a website how to determine the level of weight.

domain command to the site command is used to search engine, the domain command is the chain website outside left. Domain can only be found in pure URL cannot find the anchor text. After all the domain command, if the domain name website not in the first position (such as domain:www.***贵族宝贝), can also see that the weight of the site is not very high.

keyword ranking, but also to determine why a site weight is high. Because a website is not included to illustrate the weight of the site is very high, such as love nets have a non mainstream website, love included Google included more than Shanghai, but there is no weight. So in the rankings is not very good. So the flow is also very little, every day is about 100 IP. In the search keywords, keyword must view the site, such as webmaster nets webmaster love three keywords etc..


domain command

site command, most search engines now support the site command is to view the site in the amount included in the search engine, here is not to say how much of the amount collected, but to say, on the site website, how the site command out ", the domain name is not in the first place (such as: site:www.***贵族宝贝), that the weight of the site is not very high.

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