Liu Dan what is the effective implementation of the real force of Shanghai Dragon

I have a high school classmate, usually in school performance in general, class is not too serious, I find that person is a kind of student slapstick, the eyes of many people work, but every exam, he is in the top three. This makes a lot of people envy, including me. We have to put this situation due to his wise head, otherwise it could not explain why he doesn’t work hard can get good grades. Just two years later, once when we chat, he inadvertently said at last, you love a person learning in the night time, that is to say at the time at home is his main learning time. It is not difficult to explain why he appears to be idle, but can achieve excellent results. I see light suddenly suddenly.

Now we

said the two story, don’t know what you’re feeling. In the current Shanghai dragon industry, there is a very impetuous atmosphere, NB said we are in a very profound theory, to maintain this seemingly gorgeous industry, master by obscure theory to reflect their own good, while novices do not believe that Shanghai dragon will be so easy to tell him very simple he will think you fooled him, you are not the level of. Cheating in such a big environment, does not want to stop doing things to people. This is why the so-called "goal" and "three days ranking" like to make a lot of people interested in. Just think, if a thing is no threshold, everyone can easily do it, then the thing itself is of doubtful value. Otherwise, each get a software or find a group of people, every point on the OK, this is the Shanghai dragon, the happy. The only two words: impetuous.

say a story of Shanghai dragon industry. A novice once asked me how to do SEO, I generally and he said. So he went to Taobao and bought a Dede template, because he will not do, others can only buy ready-made. According to the Shanghai dragon he made some improvement on the optimization theory of template. Every day is very patient manual technician content and the chain. (he doesn’t know the acquisition of this kind of thing, do not know the mass). This one does not know how many Shanghai Longfeng novice so hard, a year later, his website has been stable at around seventy thousand IP, believe that a lot of non mainstream class webmaster have seen this station.

many people love nothing went to see the number of the chain, content >

for Shanghai dragon, execution effect no doubt, but what is the real effective execution, many people are not very clear. Before discussing this topic, I give you a story when reading this story, many people may also have had a similar experience.

1, not only look at the number, more quality, optimization results.

to explain, what is the real effective execution of Shanghai dragon. There are several aspects:

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