They love Shanghai seconds on very careful

can imagine a maze of complex structure (each page with a large number of flash or a large number of pictures, there is a complex Javascript link) and the same page, there are too many different forms of URL, too many links (there is a 404 page or robots.txt file restrictions) website is difficult to let love Shanghai seconds (Google that included).


secondly, the site must be "the code is simple, with a clear and strong logical structure (chain system convenient), clear structure, clear navigation and internal links to make search spiders and users in your website engine can easily capture to want to get the information.


search engine faster included we upload website new content is every webmaster wish, love Shanghai seconds (Google that included) marks our website maintenance (from structure to content upload) get recognized by the search engines, web site maintenance has entered a virtuous cycle process.

must first let love Shanghai (Google) spider daily non-stop visit their website for a new content timely capture. To do this, to ensure long-term stable web space is an essential prerequisite to ensure access to the website space at any time, any time to ensure smooth fast, search engine, users can easily access the website.

one of my friends is the original site, love Shanghai right down (domain query site is not the first home page), website upload original content > not long time love Shanghai


search engine drop right at the website and search engine new test period new webmaster think their search engine, low weight, love Shanghai seconds (Google that included) for yourself too far, within sight but beyond reach, in fact. .

how to make our website information love Shanghai seconds (Google that included)

chain construction, must also be daily regularity, in the pursuit of the website chain domain wide breadth at the same time, also has the focus, emphasize the high weight of the site outside the chain, especially high weight website related to the chain (including website Links). High weight chain construction only constantly engaged in law, to better guide the love of spiders in Shanghai in time to crawl your site, the fastest access to relevant information.

is the key contents of the article, first of all, upload content must be professional and unique (original content), the readability of both; secondly, the content of the website must be regularly upload upload. A web site only to ensure high quality, unremittingly regular professional original content upload can win the search engine spiders "heart", willing to visit your site. The original content of professional can make your website weight increasing, of course, in the process of the upload must do within the chain and the chain in the anchor text work (within the chain and the chain in the anchor text construction work is best done manually).

Some of the

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