Love of Shanghai rules after the change of the content is king the chain for the emperor

1. to further reduce the weight of the blog, forum chain website itself output; believe that many webmaster have heard before, the industry forecast of a web site, only rely on its powerful blog group from Shanghai to get millions of love single day traffic, but on its website this year is only IP three to forty thousand, thus the influence of.

. Search engine and users love the content of


perhaps is because of the emergence of similar rain events, love Shanghai rules have some let Shanghai Longfeng awful change:

but thankfully: Although the website included in reducing the amount, but on the IP website is on the increase.

2. of the original content judged to be more demanding, and the anchor text to the inside pages included more difficult. This author has a very direct experience, before one of my site every day, the quality and quantity of good pseudo original update, the spider frequented, every day included speed is very gratifying. By this method, pseudo original still has not changed, or it can be said that absolute higher than last year, but included the amount of love Shanghai decreased significantly. What is more, even before the part has included the inside pages also disappeared in the search engine. By contrast, the inside pages have included the maximum and disappear inside pages feature is the pseudo original degree. The anchor text for the contents of the page, the sea is now in love with the majority are not included, obviously.

analysis from the above changes, love Shanghai weakened the chain output weights and the original content of more demanding, not that it has not pay attention to the two things. I think it is precisely because of this love Shanghai two more seriously, will improve the threshold. It is over the threshold will reduce the number, but already inside the door will be from relatively limited resources, get more profit. No matter how to change the rules of the search engine, the content and the chain is always equal to the eternal king of Shanghai dragon website. Let’s talk about love, according to the Shanghai rules change, the author how to understand the two content, hope to all the webmaster friends help, even if there is a bit of feeling or sympathy, so the value of this article is embodied.

said the content of the website, many webmaster all know the pseudo original, currently the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization is still the mainstream for the love of Shanghai uncle is concerned, for the monopoly of the domestic search engine love Shanghai, and king gas, the term "Uncle" fully deserve it. Shanghai can only serve as dragon love Shanghai "Uncle", carefully to understand the preferences of the uncle. It love new things, love the original high content, so webmaster will do one of the day’s work is: racking their brains to find the original high production content, and updated every day. As a result of the acquisition of rampant Internet tools, copy and paste the time has gone back. However, the webmaster can not spend time every day in the original article, the >

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