The forum outside the chain to reduce weight should we do

four, if you can post the title and content of the best related website theme "

may sometimes post efficiency is too low, many people still love to do outside the chain by way of reply, this requires us to carry out sufficient statistics and the accumulation of resources. Careful friends may find some forum outside the chain, some forum is invalid, even if his post very quickly included. Some forum posts issued included after, it is difficult to update this post a snapshot. If you reply to the forum is a less well-known forum, it must conscientiously sum up, or in vain.

when we post through a skill, is posting and reply the author only visible, so the effect will be much better.

two, forum posting techniques

is the first forum of the chain effect is certainly there, because one of the main forms of forum type website is still Internet site. The main forum is aggregation of Internet users, users will love the site for the first time to share the forum, this is the vote on the form of the website users are most likely to make. In the situation of sending junk the chain around the forum under the search engine on the lower right is inevitable, which requires us to do in the forum outside the chain to master some skills, the author do the forum outside the chain, generally follow the following points:

, do BBS signature pure text outside the chain

three, replies should pay attention to the chain statistics

forum outside the chain effect of drop right, then the forum outside the chain effect of pure text type is very little, personal feeling of this chain is simply a waste of time. Instead of doing this the bad effects of forum pure text outside the chain, as well as to the classification of information release an advertising message or an update of a better quality for the website for it, it might also lead to traffic and increase your website.

many webmaster know the forum outside the chain for a new station, almost is the most commonly used method of the chain. The main reason is to get the forum outside the chain is relatively simple, it also caused the search engine to its weight has decreased, many people put the forum outside the chain compared to the junk chain is no ground for blame. Then the forum outside the chain effect in the end there is no effect, the forum outside the chain how to do best?

forum for the best chain to post as many good results than you. In addition, we have found that their hair a post, immediately there will be a lot of reply with anchor text signature or reply directly with hyperlink. In this case, the same post "there will be a lot of links, the effect will be much worse, especially the webmaster forum is more significant.

forum posting links, anchor text and hyperlinks, BBS signature anchor text effect can still, will strive for further improvement of weight selection better forum effect. However, there are also some skills, here’s what.

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