2013 love Shanghai big update we harvest what

opened the computer, so the Shanghai dragon inquires the collected tools to check their site, but today I bring not sad, but the new year’s opener, three sites in the hands of all the pages included, let us look at the collection:

from today we can see that the sea will be included in previously indexed pages today are included, the fundamental reason for this phenomenon is not the content of the site quality increase, according to the prediction of love of Shanghai and the adjustment algorithm, the first adjustment below I talk about love in 2013 in Shanghai algorithm.

second love Shanghai treat the chain more strict, before my site outside the chain is very much, still is 78000, but the chain data today updated display, but also more than more than 2000, can be seen from the lower part of the chain of love Shanghai or remove part of the chain. The influence of the chain to a site is relatively large, Shanghai treated outside the chain of love let me feel the importance of the stability of the chain, and the chain situation perhaps the site without weight is also closely related to the three sites, the author in the hands of the chain also established a system of their own, but from love renovation in Shanghai can be seen in the love of Shanghai is not recognized by the chain, and the chain weight high website is relatively more stable, the webmaster in 2013 the chain construction and points out a direction: do high quality The amount of the chain, the stability of the chain, do not touch the low quality of the chain, the chain of garbage.

first love Shanghai adjustment algorithm reduces the requirements for the content, do not know the love of Shanghai included how to do that, but in contrast to previous collection included today we can see that the same article can bring love in Shanghai algorithm in different effect is not the same, in December the site on the line after this, on-line included several site is basically at a standstill, the content of the website that is original and pseudo original, this is not the focus, focus on today love Shanghai update will not previously included page launched collection, this is a good thing for some owners, especially for those friends the establishment of the station group, through the introduction of long tail traffic included tens of thousands of. But at the same time the love of Shanghai included update brings us a warning, because this collection does not bring the snapshot of the update, from the figure we can see a snapshot of the site is not valid updates, which can be seen in the Shanghai love for the website is only recognized, but there is a long support a long way to go.

finally from the love of Shanghai in 2013 the first working day update we can see the importance of the site search engines love Shanghai, love Shanghai company that increase working enthusiasm can bring some webmaster through the collection of the first day, let the webmaster friends through the better part of building to promote the development of love Shanghai search engine, so webmaster friends don’t get the wrong idea, we love Shanghai not across the board, phase >

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