Problems should be paid attention to in the process of website optimization

contact will be a learning process, as well as in the web site, each novice in this process will make some mistakes, encounter some problems, so today we went to say in the website optimization process should pay attention to what the problem? Mainly to let everyone take some less we hope to use some detours.

five, how to choose keywords, to know that a good keyword can bring you a lot of traffic, so how to choose good keywords, there are so few standards must be competition is not big, but very large search volume and to be consistent with the content of your site.

four, the code of the website not too long is too messy, because the spider is to read the content on your site through the code, assuming that your website code is too long, it is difficult to know what is the key will cause serious consequences if the truncated spider, too messy, will form the same consequences, is the impact site included.

three, the title changed too frequently, it is the novice often do, this is a mistake, every time the spider to climb the different will think you are cheating, finally it is difficult not to be K out too fate. Not to say that we can not change, but to the stable after the appropriate change, not all get rid of, a little bit to start.

two, site acquisition function must be favored by everyone, why? Because it is convenient, even if the search engine will also be included. But have you noticed, many people also said that he is not good, the reason is very simple, the search engine has been the most innovative things, can not let him every search is the same, if your site is search engine that is gathering station, then you have to pay attention, if you do not correct as soon as possible. Will slowly be K off, but there are exceptions.

six, link, link exchange and purchase links are all new to many mistakes. Just hurry to go to exchange links, can not say no good but be calm, first things first, is our internal links, the stability of the re consideration of external links, then you can add how much. There is a link to buy, I don’t approve of, if not the link, it is a fatal blow to you, except for long-term buy, but novice or learn better, is good to oneself.

, let us talk about the key problems of it, the novice often make mistakes in it, so how to key problems to face? My personal view is that the title is best not to appear too much, enough to have two, at the same time do not accumulate excessive keywords, density is not too tight, not people feel after reading every sentence keyword.

No matter what

hopes to summarize this some of you can help, you know what fool will not succeed in the end, we can not be impatient, take a step forward, have a common heart, don’t look at the others on the success of the

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