Shanghai Dragon new articles on that day was the love of Shanghai included skills to share

three, pseudo original problem

there are many owners in the new online side is modified while promotion, this is very unfavorable for search engine optimization. After the line on the website often revision will let love Shanghai lose trust in the site, also can not avoid a series of problems like Shanghai snapshot stop updating, not included in the page, the website to weight. My blog is a new station opened in Shanghai Longfeng, launched only 1 months, at the day of release paper love Shanghai basically it is included on the day, you may ask: the new weight is not high, why is this effect? It depends on my web site before the online website frame structure and website map, RSS map, XML, ROBOTS etc. Shanghai love to adjust and modify all after I was not conducive to search engine to fix all the problems in the promotion, carefully check after waiting for love from Shanghai. In that day there will be a collection of some of the words have good ranking, but also relatively stable, this is the importance of the internal structure of the site.

must have many webmaster not updated daily original articles, so most of the webmaster is pseudo original way to update the site. Online this time a lot of false original tools on sudden, I won’t name a pile of love Shanghai. My advice is to do original false original effect, what mean? That is not directly copied an article posted to the website, but after processing, how to process? The first is to change the title of the article. Addition of appropriate keywords. Then the best picture, this will make the search engine more love your article. There is to take the meaning of the original word in a statement, do center unchanged, change of expression, this is also called the imitation effect, Ken >

Hello, I am Shanghai dragon stick, we all know that a new station early if you want to get good rankings in search engines is unlikely, new sites included problem is always the most concerned about the grassroots webmaster. A new website is to be loved in Shanghai after a long time to check in the sandbox can gain some weight and that included the opportunity. Even now love Shanghai for new sites included speed, but only included your home page, the inside pages will be included in the audit update after a period of time when chatting with everyone, today is the day new love Shanghai collection of skills.

two, the site of the internal links updated

Shanghai dragon insisted there is a bad habit to do, is lazy, when they want to go to the website to update a few articles, remember not to update, I think many owners have the same mistake. Website update site must update the time, so you can train the spider crawling. Every fixed time to grab web content, but also to establish a trust and stability in the eyes of the spider. Every day to feed the spider feed, he can give you better ranking.

, a new station on the line before the website frame adjustment

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