Examples to explain how to divide the webmaster site navigation column clear

. According to market demand and the division of

three. According to the website user preferences division

according to the user preference to divide is the best way to divide, but this division method is the most important point is.

There are a variety of small industries in each industry under

clear and strong correlation with web site navigation can make your site look more professional, but also allows users to more comprehensive understanding of the content of the web site directory. Just divide the navigation directory to make web site be mistaken for garbage station, after all users find content, first of all depends on the determination to find their own content which belongs to the type of big type steering type ultimately to the destination through. But a clear navigation can let the spider crawling more smoothly, also let the web interface more beautiful. So, to divide the site navigation is to optimize the operation of the site must be done in one step. Today I share how to divide the site navigation:

. For example, lighting industry, and energy-saving lamp, projection lamp, LED lamp and so on the following, and these small market competition not only small, but more accurate. So, owners in the division of the site navigation, can rely on the following attributes Industry Sub market division, as well as optimization of long tail keywords this is equivalent to the webmaster often said, through market segmentation of small market, the conversion rate of users and more accurate. Take energy-saving lamps for instance. Such as you do energy-saving lamps, so the main keywords must be energy-saving lamps, so the navigation may not be only a column, down to those what arrangements? It is actually very simple, such as the use of energy-saving lamps for the home page, then the following columns are energy-saving lamps, energy saving, function the price of energy-saving lamps energy-saving lamp life, news and so on, so out of the site navigation is clear, but also not lose relationship with the website, have a very good help for optimization and user experience. So, we must pay attention to their division of navigation, do what, look at how the division is better.

navigation, even users across the country can find their city businesses, so to the user to user experience consulting. So, divide the navigation column, can also be in accordance with the area in the form of such a division method suitable for the user, if has the limitations of the website can not use this navigation division method.


Division of

navigation, can also be in accordance with the region, like the classification of information site navigation, and as the local yellow pages website. According to the regional division, more conducive to users to search for information on the city. Like the Pacific network navigation, used mostly by region, after all, the site itself is to provide the information platform, but also for the whole country, the natural user wants in the location of their online shopping, you will find the city businesses, as shown in figure


two. According to the region

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