Site is not in the first place is not necessarily right down


Shanghai site love from first to last, don’t have to put on the first page or the first page, although this is not, in most cases, is not necessarily a problem. Site my blog, home page is not in the first, I don’t think what the problem is. Specific to a website, maybe a problem can not be generalized. For example, your web site, what time do the page 301? Perhaps love Shanghai judgment.

look at the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform for the website site: "Site is a kind of grammar allows you to specify the search range, to achieve a more precise search syntax and grammar results in these higher numbers, as with conventional search, are results of the estimation of the number of values, numbers are not accurate. This may explain the website of site is not in the first place is not necessarily right down to a certain extent.

obviously website site in the first place, then I have the right to drop the website? A very strange, but there is no result. It is said, of which there are two words: Shanghai dragon company and Shanghai Longfeng optimization, ranking fell to 100, is not said there are 2 website weight, most keyword rankings are not falling.


many people see here may be a little confused, do not know whether it is right or not right down down. Do not know if you have an article on "I wrote before the site site is not the first is right down?", which talked about the website of site is not in the first analysis, provides two way:



I also mentioned another friend, Mr. Chi, views on this issue is not site in the first place is not right down, but high weight, also give a lot of big website examples have been confirmed, it seems quite right, but a little extreme, only thinking can be seen from the perspective of his website site not in the first place is not necessarily right down.

2, looking for possible reasons as much as possible to verify. Usually site is not in the.

"site site in the first place, mostly a website right down, this argument is often in our website optimization when the first reaction of Shanghai dragon, if we really agree with such a statement, then we have verified this sentence right? Or that there is no consideration of this sentence is based on a background of what say it is right? With these two issues, and to their own website as a case for everyone to do a simple analysis.

1, find the authoritative industry platform or Shanghai Longfeng expert views on this issue, which I give to ZAC views on this problem are:

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