The correct choice of long tail keywords to enhance the site directional flow

first, get love from the sea. At present, Shanghai love gives us love and love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia index of these two important tools, the love of Shanghai index is very intuitive analysis for key words heat, usually love Shanghai long tail keywords index of around 100 is optimal value, if too high or too low, and there is no essential improvement for the website traffic quality. I believe that many webmaster friends are very understanding.

but from love Shanghai Encyclopedia for long tail keywords suitable sites, many webmaster friends do not know how to start! You know love Shanghai encyclopedia as the current love Shanghai the most authoritative database approved, obtained from the vocabulary will naturally be love in favour of Shanghai, and by extension the long tail keywords, also get the user’s attention. But the key words about the site from the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, can not directly into the long tail thesaurus website, but to a certain processing, can reflect the characteristics of the long tail better.

For example, ?

obtained from the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love vocabulary increase geographical attributes, or join questions attribute, then in the long tail words are filtered through love Shanghai index, and provide some conditions from Shanghai love index of the vocabulary on the reorganization, can obtain more long tail keywords quality.

second, combined with the product processing industry. For the website keywords can be combined with some words of this product industry restructuring, so there is the property industry, which apparently has a more direct role for some enterprise websites, played a very important role for the promotion of the website traffic conversion rate. Because when the user search using the long tail word with industry, has decided the user belongs to the industry groups, therefore more able to get the transformation in web browsing process. Of course, in this way the long tail word restructuring out, also requires a combination of love Shanghai index optimization, popular characteristics can avoid long term, because if the love Shanghai index is too low, no one search, so the long tail keywords are not actually effect >

long tail keywords that do webmaster friends are very understanding, high quality core flow of the long tail theory is the site of the site only accounted for 20% of total traffic, which is 20% of the flow is precisely the long tail keywords brought. So for the website optimization, the correct way of thinking to be based on the optimization of the core keywords, increase efforts to optimize the long tail keywords, and only so can effectively improve the site’s profitability.

The concept of

but can be extended to a long tail keywords, then it is not a long tail words need to be optimized? The answer is no, actually for the site to bring quality flow of only a few long tail keywords, it requires optimization in numerous long tail keywords, can be very efficient and refined website with the long tail keywords to optimize value, so how to correctly choose the long tail keywords

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