Shanghai refused to use love matters outside the chain of tools should pay attention to

is now in the chain of love in Shanghai, the general will show the most can lead to the chain, basically is a website all the chain, sometimes see the chain so that you are not surprised? After all, a lot of the chain are in case you don’t know for example, the

as shown above, the chain is completely inadvertently, because the picture was collected, the chain in the past, the chain is not appropriate? You will not shield? In my opinion, the chain in the acquisition and update of the purpose, so that unknown circumstances, the link, the link I feel right.

March, love Shanghai and a heavy bomb tool appeared, that is love Shanghai rejected outside the chain of tools have also seen in the Baidu, remember the Shanghai dragon guide, related posts, this tool is love Shanghai online, will also choose a release, for this tool has been excited, after all if you can be a time to clean up your own the chain, then the final weight maintenance at the site, the site is sure to be very helpful. So, here is a little about the use of this tool, pay attention to

in a period of time before the link update, Scindapsus online, website link and how much weight because the affected lower, but how many because of the content quality superiority and improve website ranking? These are actually each other, on the Internet platform, the content will be far better than the chain, this is trend. But for the chain or to worry that the garbage chain, what is the garbage outside the chain, for example, your links in a porn site, and then click find out of induction, rate of nearly 100%. This is what you want?

love Shanghai, suggestions about the situation and then use the tool, spam links, false or quantity and low quality links, then substantial shielding, then add, operation is not reversible, see from another angle on the chain is the system of the web site of a whole shielding then the weight control link transmission, realize the function of scindapsus.

love Shanghai refuse chain tools, according to the chain, it is the one and only skill, however, behind a word, the operation is not reversible, imagine, if you find a garbage outside the chain, then blocked the site, then this site links all the failure, and how to will not, because the link loss and

so what the link is not right? Say the chain you appear a lot, but the chain every time there are very few, so the chain transfer the domain name and most of them are not qualified, no more stability, no correlation, the chain should be rejected some say that the chain transfer, this garbage is completely irrelevant information, but also through the acquisition and then jump, the >

drop right? The chain of

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