Summarize the novice webmaster do some experience of the Shanghai Dragon

After the above

(domain name template selected after filtration, then start screening) I want to do what keywords, then some of the more authoritative reference of the practice of the site, and then select some second and three lines of words, do not want to eat a fat one, put some words with the title, is not such a thing after all, many of the old station do you want to have, the high old station that takes time, that is to adhere to a process for the novice, so I do not recommend you choose a keyword.

with the development of the Internet age, the webmaster of this industry is more and more hot. Whether it is 70, 80, or even 90 owners have the full proof It is often seen., network competition, in the face of the novice webmaster, based on how to gold in the network? Here I talk about some personal experience of the experience, hope to help the novice webmaster. Because he did not write anything for a long time, there may be some strange writing, please see

content is important, but the title is also essential, the perfect combination of their own content to create a good title that is the love of the spider. So how to do a good job title? The first is not to do the title of the party, we must combine the content, highlighting your keywords, but do not perform keyword accumulation, a number of general title words appear in the best 1-2, the weight of transmission is from the left to the right way of ordering. These.

new station on the line will release some high quality content, not to use the acquisition program do stand, those are not long, it is easy to be K off. So suggest you learn to engage in some high-quality content, such as the original, pseudo original is very good. One can attract spiders love Shanghai’s attention, the two is a combination of the perspective of the user experience to do the real content of these user needs, not to release some of your site and does not match the content.

work well, start planning optimization of their own, do not see today before and after reunification, the station is doing at school, after a few days and see another station is the other optimization methods and then learn to do, this method in Shanghai dragon chicken is pretty taboo so, at the beginning of the site planning must give yourself a very reasonable and suitable ways to optimize the station station, is the main link in the internal, it must pay attention to the novice.

is a good template to start a website, clear and concise generous, is to do the basic user experience, need not too fancy, of course, the template code is very important Oh, because the spider know a website is the beginning of a section of code to the end, so that the code will bring you a high weight website score.


first, novice webmaster if you want to gain a foothold in the networks, to a state of mind a unremittingly and aggressive growth, these are the most basic. If you have this attitude, please continue to look down.

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