Why K station recovery is still not ranked

you look at the site, is about to join the coffee website right down for unknown reasons, the operation of the site asked people do not know. Since the operation is not clear so we have to dig it.

then click on the start page to browse, found in the navigation of the first column is the column is empty, empty page, it will make love on the website of the Shanghai score greatly discounted. Is this why you

changed from Adsense tools to check the website of the historical data, drop right back has been 2 months, the collection has been hovering between 20-30, the chain increased. Look at these points, it can be concluded that the station optimization is not in place, not in place, want to start from the station ranking. The majority of owners are advised in time very hard to send the chain audit under their own web sites, are not in place to improve after the promotion, or just in vain. The coffee station is a good example, after the chain had 2 months to know stationmaster originally is rubbish.

another positive tutorial is the author of the accommodation site, K station after 25 days of recovery ranking and weight, compared to above the coffee station, station do very beautiful, the chain continued to grow, processing station is in place, recovery is only a matter of time. But in the recovery site I found a can promote the recovery of the method.

website ranking? The

injection can promote the effective traffic ranking, in sum >

home page home page about coffee, very delicate but not practical, the home of the most important before a screen 60% is used by flash, the search engine is a very unfriendly behavior, even logo also used flash animation, but also lead to increased open time. Love Shanghai webmaster have said that important information, please do not use flash, but it is clear that this site is not good enough to do. This is perhaps one reason is still not right down the rankings.

after a magical love Shanghai website finally airness thoroughly tempered, the ranking is still very good, this is everybody wants a result, but after K recovery the ranking does not come, why is this? A friend recently asked the station K you 25 days to recover, and ranking right back I have been no ranking, why is it? The answer in the following. Today the author analysis and comparison of the 2 sites, a site is K station ranking recovery after recovery, the other is a collection of data is not normal ranking.

first, "right down" meaning, love Shanghai because some of the webmaster of the site of cross-border operations, efforts to deal with a light weight, maybe my station illegal operations is not much, so K station time is short, quick recovery ranking. So the site right down is not compared to.


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