On the road to success of tools site love station network

2, an innovative way to

user experience

love station simple query website structure form, light blue page art can be said to be very comfortable. There is a query data rate, especially to check their site links, the query speed is quite fast, people are very willing to every day here to check your site data. A little more advertising, until now, it is also the site of head and tail slightly hanging advertising. There is no advertising too, very suitable. At the same time, many queries are distributed in the sub domain, these sub domains may be on a different server site. In order to improve the speed did pay a lot. Of course, this is personal speculation.


love station network headquartered in Meizhou, Meizhou is a talent, not only had Li Xingping as a hero of grass-roots people. Love station network as a new site webmaster tools, now query Alexa ranked 285, the average IP of about 1000000 IP. Can be said to be a very successful site, the author of several advertising consulting matters, the customer service said it has ranked in the 3 months after. Love can be said to be a user experience and optimize the quite successful site, many of which are worth learning, the following is to the success of its analysis.

today I query it love Shanghai included the amount of up to 94W, the giant. A lot of sites as long as it can produce here after the inquiry, the page is included, the formation of the chain. At the same time also check the love their weight, also reached 7. Many words are in love.

love Shanghai weight, this in today’s webmaster eyes instead of noble baby PR products, we can say beyond some methods to query the data love Shanghai official way. A lot of business Links has to this value as the standard. Chinese station is in love with the love of Shanghai station to carry forward weight after the launch of Shanghai love the weights of the query. Of course, this may be the first love Shanghai weight concept, and the numerical form is not love station network, but said that it is no doubt to carry forward. This can be seen in innovation, or micro innovation on the development of a website is much important. Only in the A5 station played a month pictures advertising love in my memory, easily attracted each other so webmaster recommended. How many people have love station in the favorites, every day to check their denglu links, check your weight? The answer is millions.

domain name of a station is not important, but want to build a brand is very important. Love is the station with Larry, and only 6, can be said that the domain name is a very valuable domain name. The station about us in love, they have also found that Meizhou City Shuangpin and operate the site, showing its success is already ready.

domain nameThe


4, the optimization of operation

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