nteraction design search on two small problems suggestions


look at love Shanghai, when the search suggestions in the "Sina micro-blog" (hover) highlighted, click on the "love of Shanghai", submitted by the keyword input box in the "s", instead of highlighting "micro-blog sina".

but there are few search products, is selected by default first search suggestions. So what’s the problem?

question two: whether to highlight the first search

guest, "are oblique zipper" search suggestions highlighted this time, click the "search", submitted by the keyword input box in the "s" or "fashion oblique zipper"? The answer is "are oblique zipper".


problem: which is submitted by the keyword

search component, should be the main body of the search box and the search button to search suggestions is just an additional tool, even can not.


and the first problem, here is also prone to disagreement: submit keyword input box content or highlight the first search suggestions?

what kind of way is better? I think so:



read a lot of related products, such as Taobao, noble baby, love Shanghai, all passengers, their search are not highlighted the first search suggestions.

?This example

recently in search of design, found two easily tangled problem, here to talk about some of their own.

search suggestions, then according to said method, the input box to replace the first search proposal is not feasible, after all, this is not a user chosen, so it is difficult to solve this ambiguity; in addition, if the user to manually select other search suggestions in the search box the content is not suitable to be replaced with the corresponding search suggestions, because it will be inconsistent and the initial state (the initial state.

If you submit a


The So no matter how state

returned to the guest the example, if the selected search suggestions (by clicking on the arrow keys, hover the mouse, mouse clicks, etc.) "search" or submit according to the "Enter" key is the search, search the contents of the box should be replaced immediately; otherwise the input does not change the box.

search suggestions, the "search" button (or press "Enter") should be submitted to search the contents of the box, so that it is not easy to cause ambiguity.

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