Flying cow mall enabled two domain name mall feiniu com line

renamed China ( June 10th hearing, the trial operation after two months, yesterday, RT mart’s business flying cow network officially launched from the category of self platform – Mall flying cow mall, enable two domain



: Flying Cow network official website

at present, the flying cow network Darunfa mainly sells its own products, the flying cow appeared in the mall flying cow network home as a flying cow network sub sections, with the flying cow network share a APP.

flying cow network CEO Huang Mingduan said, settled in front of the mall to fly 1001 merchants, will receive a free platform for the privilege of the cost of nearly 500 businesses have signed.

June 2013, flying cow net total invested 230 thousand yuan to buy back two domain, which is as high as 180 thousand January 2014, the official opening of the domain name flying cow online.

domain name and flying cow directly corresponding to facilitate memory and input, domain name also played a role in advertising, is conducive to the promotion of the brand.

It is reported that

, RT is to leveraging Darunfa brand customers diversion and promotion of the business, but RT is too limited to the concept of brand stores, not conducive to many types of goods sales, while the flying cow is suitable for business development platform of the third party.

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