Not to Shanghai and Shanghai is the only dragon dragon optimization optimization

not to Shanghai and Shanghai is the only dragon dragon optimization optimization. With the popularity of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, most of the enterprises and individuals are more important in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, especially love Shanghai search for position after the reduction, Shanghai Longfeng optimization into a small peak. Other search engines (360, Sogou) to follow. Second spring day seems to bring to Shanghai dragon optimization. Either now or before, are sufficient to optimize Shanghai dragon website bring a lot of traffic, as long as the proper optimization, optimization in traffic is not a problem, indeed to more businesses and individuals to bring good benefits. But we cannot rule out the drawbacks and optimization of Shanghai dragon brings bad influence. Most of the time we have to learn how to reform itself, before more is to optimize the further improvement of Shanghai Longfeng stage gradually, but now we must revolution, and then reform stage. Improved stage everyone from Shanghai dragon optimization extensive operation to the high degree of professional level; and the revolution is our Shanghai dragon optimization from professional upgrade to correct the sustainable development stage, completely abandon the invalid harmful Shanghai Longfeng mode of operation; stage of the reform is that we should break away from Shanghai dragon, Phoenix, Shanghai to include new media a variety of marketing methods, charging platform.

2, give full play to the Shanghai dragon optimization benefits


optimization should be correct fees, relatively low cost indeed, in fact to bring real benefits to us. Only the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng operation Shanghai Longfeng correct method, optimized scientific, can really play the role of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. For example, the website of the original article, must be good, the content is original, not looking for professional products, service personnel and technical personnel to write professional articles must be accurate, original, to help users, can love Shanghai love Shanghai, love index, know Shanghai statistics fully understand the user needs to write the article. This website can solve user problems, this website can attract people. For the website, core keywords, column page, the article page all need >

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not to Shanghai and Shanghai is the only dragon dragon optimization optimization

Shanghai dragon

most of the time we are in Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon optimization, here is the most troublesome thing is too extensive to Shanghai dragon optimization, keyword stuffing, serious article pseudo original backward, the chain in piles of garbage outside the chain spread throughout the network, resulting in network The atmosphere was foul. Shanghai Longfeng optimization we used to own site duplicate content, a large number of keywords in bold on the platform above the others. Finally, the search engine algorithm update, ranking the night returned to liberation, also don’t know what happened. These to Shanghai dragon and only Shanghai dragon optimization behavior, it can be said now can not play any role, even the black hat estimates are not in use.

to Shanghai Shanghai dragon and dragon optimization

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