Japanese station blog promotion strategy method

first, each account can be a one-way link to the home page, there are single chain to each keyword URL.

3, some foreign registered blog, no matter where, as long as the registration can not delete the line, of course, the adult website even, this website to look carefully, found that many foreign websites are walking a fine line, perhaps accidentally made a link in porn sites, then K is a tragedy. Probably for about 50 can be used, each blog website registered 10 account, every day 3 articles with keywords anchor text links to push. (registration information must be accurate, otherwise deleted high probability)

I do Shanghai Longfeng promotion for 2 years in a Japanese foreign trade company, Japan is based on Google search engines, and Google, the chain is the most important, in the chain is the most commonly used blog, of course, light hair blog is certainly not enough to rely on some strategies to operate. Say 2 words this month I do ranking rose to the first, should be the first blog, I give you details about my blog the chain is how to do:

1, we find some of the more famous Japanese blog, like yaplog, jugem, Seesaa, cscblog, arekao and other 5 kinds of blog, then registration tool, registration of about 200 in each blog account. Then the 200 account is divided into 2 parts, each of the 100 to make a chain of 2, respectively, the keywords into different stand different in each account, made Links mode, so that it can be connected together, so we can make different different words to get promotion. In order to avoid mistakes, so here used to manually add.

4 and above are Google to do the most basic blog outside the chain, to go up, have to rely on the sprocket, 5 weights above said registered higher Japanese blog, has 200 accounts, each account can add Links. Start the blog right up, some links with game articles or news articles. After about 1 weeks, there is a certain weight, and the account will be relatively stable. Wheel several steps:

2, and then organize resources, account of the work done, let another colleague to find Japanese related news, and add the anchor text in the news, as a resource that is 2, 3 words as a resource station, several different blogs for publication. Let another colleague do QuickMacro script (without the use of tools, so many blog manual will be tired of the dead). After doing the job assignment is 4 people per day, open 2 virtual machines, each selected 2 kinds of different blog resources station, a virtual machine, at least one day to send more than 400 articles, best can cross hair, avoid too much by the title. A week to see the best detection account has not been sealed, if a re registration, seal up several, so to avoid reducing links caused their website weight reduction.

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