Pseudo static web site open Gzip compression after love Shanghai slipped

listen to a song, drink a pot of tea, the spider came. Log analysis found the spider found prey, eat snacks very high heart left, leaving some 20000.


I use the Ali cloud servers, Windows+IIS+PHP code is used in WordPress, open the pseudo static. Although I also know better combination of linux+apache+php, but they used to windows and IIS, and is a type of small personal website, the efficiency is not very high, so there is no change.


tools to detect it, see the effect, the compression ratio is quite high, about 50%, shut down to sleep. The second day morning, the habit of search keywords, the day before the top ranked website ranking fell to second. Because this has happened in the past few days, he returned, so this is not too much.

just get started when IIS is the default configuration, this year has remained intact, almost did not modify. The evening of September 25, 2014, I want to open a site of compression, is said to be able to speed up access, then open the Gzip, the specific configuration shown below:


21:00 in September 25th after the opening, it is not my Gzip time? Go online search, found a lot of open Gzip will not affect the Shanghai dragon, most of them said is not affected. I try to turn off the compression, and then wait for a long time, such as the spider come over and log analysis.

The log analysis shows that this phenomenon is to

website is built up in 2013 5, more than a year with original, do promotion in Shanghai love to know where the ranking is slowly rising. Key words often ranked in the Shanghai love home, sometimes also appear in the first. The problem is the ranking is not stable, sometimes suddenly dropped to second, or third. Because the ranking is often unstable, so to see the ranking fell that is natural adjustment, this is precisely why I did not find and get rid of the mistake in the first time.

immediately open the log analysis, search Baiduspider, are all 200064 errors found, also love Shanghai after spider did not find the page.

function itself is good, but it may have some conflict, this time I do not know.

and after three or four days, the ranking not only did not recover, but continued to decline, the top 100 are not search. What surprised me most was that with domain name + keyword search not to the site. I think there is definitely a problem.

from Shanghai is recommended for love, support open Gzip, Ali cloud server is one of my friends bought, it opens the Gzip very early, but he did not open the pseudo static, included also not affected.


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